Latest Ed Saindon News

05-04-2016 - New Solo Vibe Clip of McCartney's "Yesterday"

I just recorded and uploaded a solo vibe clip of Yesterday. It's up on my YT channel. Other clips have been uploaded to the Jazz Improvisation channel as well.

03-06-2016 - New Solo Vibe Clip up on YT Channel

Just recorded 3 versions of the melody chorus to "Country", a beautiful composition by Keith Jarrett.

11-20-2015 - The Complete Guide To Improvisation - Volume Two

Volume Two of the improv series is now available on Amazon, and Berklee College of Music bookstore. Chapters in the book: Upper Structure Triads, Four Note Groupings, Motivic Playing, Cyclic Patterns and Major 7th #5 Superimposition

11-13-2015 - New Solo Vibe clip on YT

New solo vibe clip of I'm Your Pal by Steve Swallow up on my YT channel. Also, a new clip of Alice in Wonderland

05-26-2015 - Joe Locke's new recording

Joe's new recording "Love is a Pendulum" had just been released. A must have recording. Fantastic writing and playing be Joe. And a superb lineup of musicians.

05-23-2015 - 6 New Clips - Vibes/Bass Duo

6 videoclips with bassist Mark Carlsen now up on my YT channel. These clips are from a duo gig that we do regularly at an Asian restaurant.

05-14-2015 - New Solo Vibe clip of "Alone Together" from Vic Firth

A new solo vibe clip taped at Berklee by the Vic Firth production team was just released on the Vic Firth YouTube channel.

05-02-2015 - Waltz For Debby Solo Vibes Clip

We just uploaded a new solo vibe clip of the Bill Evans' classic Waltz For Debby. It's up now on my YT channel.

03-29-2015 - New YT clip featuring Vibes, Clarinet and Bass

New clips have been uploaded to my YT channel. Footage is from a recording session featuring clarinet, vibes and upright bass.

01-30-2015 - New Clip on YouTube from Berklee Summer Percussion Festival

We just posted a new clip from the Berklee Percussion Festival. The clip is Bluesette featuring Billy Novick - clarinet, Mark Carlsen - bass, Steve Langone - drums and Ed Saindon - vibes. To view, go to Ed Saindon's YouTube channel.

07-26-2014 - New videoclips of Berklee Percussion Week concert posted on Ed Saindon YT channel.

Clips include Autumn Leaves, All The Things You Are, Body and Soul, Stella by Starlight, Bluesette and O Grande Amor

07-05-2014 - Vic Firth Performance Spotlight: VF Signature Artist Ed Saindon - "Danny Boy"

05-31-2014 - NEW YT CLIPS of MILAN CLINIC -

Excerpt of vibraphone and improvisation clinic in Milan, May 16th, 2014. This segment addresses solo playing on Body and Soul along with voicings and harmonic practices including symmetrical diminished scale lines and voicings. Link:

04-30-2014 - New Audioclips on SoundCloud

New audioclips have been uploaded to SoundCloud. Clips are from vibes/bass duo gig on April 19th, 2014 at Li's restaurant in Haverhill, MA.

02-25-2014 - New FB page for Vibists - Solo Vibraphone Playing.

Page includes posts and videoclips addressing solo vibraphone playing. Here's the link:


A solo vibraphone interpretation of the classic Alfonsina y el Mar has been just uploaded to YT. Here's the link to view the clip:


My new book The Complete Guide To Improvisation Volume 1 is now available through this website and Amazon. The book includes covers Chord Tone Soloing, Tension Resolution concepts, Chord Scale Theory, Chord Scale Application and Practices, Harmonic Practices. For more information, please go to the Book section on the website.

08-29-2013 - Vic Firth Performance Spotlight

Clip from this past summer Berklee concert is now being showcased on the Vic Firth YouTube page. Here's the link: 

07-05-2013 - Berklee Percussion Festival concert (6/18/13) just uploaded to YouTube

The entire video footage of the concert at Berklee on 6/18/13 has been uploaded to YouTube. The concert features 5 originals from the band members. Personnel: Matt Marvuglio - flute, Marco Pignataro - sax, David Clark - bass, Ron Savage - drums and myself on vibes.

06-22-2013 - Berklee Percussion Week Concert up on SoundCloud

The concert at Berklee on 6/18 has been uploaded to SoundCloud. The concert featured all originals by the band members. Here is the link to check out the audioclips:

04-23-2013 - Jazz vibist Jerry Tachoir is trying to get this CD out on Kickstarter

Less than 10 days left on the Tachoir Group Kickstarter campaign. There are some great perks at various levels or at least pre-purchase a recording.

04-23-2013 - Jazz vibist Tony Miceli is trying to get this project off the ground with Kickstarter.

hey vibers! if you can help us out on kickstarter. 


We just added two new solo vibes clips up on my YouTube Solo Vibes channel. One is me practicing left hand comping with lines on Coltrane's Giant Steps. The other clip is on Van Heusen's standard Like Someone In Love. Here's the link: Please subscribe to the channel if you want to be notified when additional clips are added. Ed

01-28-2013 - New YouTube clip - Over The Rainbow, solo piano with reharm

We added a new YouTube clip that was recorded in my improv class at Berklee. It's a solo piano version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow with reharm and modulation.


Avalaible from Joe's website: Joe just made these solo vibraphone pieces available via his website. Beautiful melodies and harmonies orchestrated with excellent four mallet solo techniques utilizing intricate dampening. Joe played one of the pieces (Snowfall in Central Park) at our Berklee duo recital and I remember it well. It created a such great mood.