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05-04-2016 - New Solo Vibe Clip of McCartney's "Yesterday"

I just recorded and uploaded a solo vibe clip of Yesterday. It's up on my YT channel. Other clips have been uploaded to the Jazz Improvisation channel as well.

03-06-2016 - New Solo Vibe Clip up on YT Channel

Just recorded 3 versions of the melody chorus to "Country", a beautiful composition by Keith Jarrett.

11-20-2015 - The Complete Guide To Improvisation - Volume Two

Volume Two of the improv series is now available on Amazon, and Berklee College of Music bookstore. Chapters in the book: Upper Structure Triads, Four Note Groupings, Motivic Playing, Cyclic Patterns and Major 7th #5 Superimposition

11-13-2015 - New Solo Vibe clip on YT

New solo vibe clip of I'm Your Pal by Steve Swallow up on my YT channel. Also, a new clip of Alice in Wonderland

05-26-2015 - Joe Locke's new recording

Joe's new recording "Love is a Pendulum" had just been released. A must have recording. Fantastic writing and playing be Joe. And a superb lineup of musicians.