Depth of Emotion

Depth of Emotion
  1. The Last Goodbye
  2. The Healing
  3. Green Dolphin Street
  4. Moon River
  5. Tokyo Nights
  6. Giorgio's Theme
  7. Sao Paulo
  8. Alpine Sunset
  9. The Healing (alt take)
  10. Piazzolla
  11. Joyful Sorrow
  12. Silent Serenity
  13. 18th's Child
  14. Life's Dreams
Depth of Emotion is about creating and evoking emotions through music. This music should hopefully take the listener to places filled with a wide range of moods, feelings, and emotions. This is one of the most important gifts of music both from the standpoint of the player and the listener. Besides emotion, inspiration is another catalyst in the process of composition and improvisation.

Inspiration for musicians and composers can come from many sources. It might be a special person, a city or a mountain scene. In the case of “The Last Goodbye,” “Sao Paulo,” and “Alpine Sunset,” all of the above were sources of inspiration.

“The Last Goodbye” is in honor of legendary educator Herb Pomeroy who was a special musician and person who recently passed away. I had the privilege to play with Herb for many years in a duo format. He was a huge influence on me and so many other musicians in the jazz community. He will surely be missed, but his music and legacy will live on through everyone who knew and played with him.

“Sao Paulo” was inspired by a trip to Brazil several years ago that I undertook to give some clinics and concerts. It was a great experience and I loved the people, music, and food. “Alpine Sunset” was written after a trip to Switzerland that my wife Pam and I took. The photo on the cover of this recording was taken from our chalet where we were staying in Interlaken, Switzerland. We traveled by train to the summit of Jungfrau which is the mountain on the right shown in the photo. Needless to say, it was an awe inspiring experience.

“Giorgio’s Theme” was written for Giorgio Pacassoni, the father of Marco Pacassoni, a former student from Italy. Giorgio and the Pacassoni family treated my wife and me to a wonderful trip in Italy several years ago. When we recorded this song, I was playing marimba in an isolated booth and couldn’t see Dave. The rhythm section started the song and all of a sudden I heard this beautiful, wooden Indian flute. It was totally unexpected and no one had any idea that Dave had brought it to the session. It was very effective in helping to create the right mood for the composition.

The “Piano Solo Reflections” are short, musical vignettes simply rendered to evoke a medley of moods for the listener. Being a fan of Astor Piazzolla and his music, I wrote “Piazzolla” in his honor. Piazzolla was a tremendous composer/musician and his powerful music is filled with a great deal of emotion.

“Joyful Sorrow” for me evokes many emotions. In music, it’s interesting how a piece of music can elicit multiple and layered emotions simultaneously. A composition can evoke both sadness and melancholy while at the same time elicit a sense of peacefulness and joy.

The entire session was recorded in three hours and had a relaxed feel. In essence, it felt like a musical dialogue among empathetic friends. It was clear from the beginning of the session and throughout, that everyone was stretching, listening and certainly not “playing it safe.” The session was over before we knew it. I hope you enjoy this music as much as we enjoyed playing it.

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